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Applications pour mobiles en rapport avec les Géosciences

For english speaking visitors: Mineralogy mobile apps

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Applications pour mobiles dans le domaine de la Minéralogie
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The Encyclopedia of Minerals

842 accès
depuis le
The Encyclopedia of Minerals is an application containing detailed information of around 900 types of minerals occurred both naturally and synthetically.
The minerals are grouped by their characteristics.
It is probably the most complete and comprehensive mineral Encyclopedia available in the App Market.
For most of the minerals, the following info is available: ★ Photo (if applicable) ★ Name ★ Category ★ Chemical Formula ★ Strunz Classification (if applicable) ★ Crystal System ★ Color ★ Optical Properties ★ Density ★ Other valuable info

Key: Minerals

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This app is for students of earth science and geology enthusiasts.
It is an interactive key to identify common minerals. Simply select a characteristic of a mineral and enter the matching character values, such as color and luster. The app will present you with possible identifications including the details and images of minerals matching the input criteria.

Mineral ID

886 accès
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Easily and accurately identify mineral samples with the Geology - Mineral ID application.
This application allows you to input up to 12 unique characteristics in order to correctly identify a mineral sample.
The top 5 results are shown to the user along with detailed pictures of each mineral.
The application also features a property list database that can help the user determine a specific characteristic by describing it in detail along with picture references.
You may also browse through the full mineral list for a description of each mineral’s properties along with pictures.
This app is ideal not only for students, but professionals, lab work, and field work as well.

Mineral Database

1127 accès
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Mineral identification is finally made easy with the Mineral Database.
This app provides a quick reference of mineral data for students, educators, professionals, or anyone interested in minerals.
Entries for more than 300 common mineral species cover the vast majority of occurrences.
The software provides hand sample photos, photomicrographs of thin sections, physical properties, crystal shape animations, 3D structures that may be rotated and enlarged, optical properties, classification, and occurrence data as well as partial data for many more species, varieties, groups, sub-groups, and series.
Search for color, hardness, and streak in field and classroom uses.

Mineral Identifier

914 accès
depuis le
Accurately identify raw minerals based on optical and physical properties.
Find an actual mineral and use this app to help identify what mineral you found.
Excellent for educational purposes.
Use this in the class room to help students identify mineral by correctly matching the color, streak, transparency, luster, cleavage, fracture, tenacity and hardness.

Mineral Identifier

1200 accès
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Mineral Identifier is a app used for identifying minerals using the optical properties of minerals, when studied in thin section using an optical microscope.
It is a great tool for any budding Geology student which can save a lot of time in identifying minerals and in looking up optical properties of specific minerals.
It works by asking a series of questions which can be easily answered when the mineral is studied in thin section.
The app will then show you which minerals fit the given criteria or specifically identify the mineral if the criteria matches only one mineral.
The whole library is viewable by the user as well for simply looking at the specific properties of an individual mineral.

Minerals and Gemstones

829 accès
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Minerals and Gemstones is a reference guide to 300 different minerals and gemstones, from simple sandstones to sanidine, jade and diamond. Learn what the Earth is made of, how its rocks were formed and how minerals and gems are used today.
  • Each mineral and gem illustrated with a colour photograph
  • Information tables include colour, lustre, streak, hardness, specific gravity, cleavage, habit and crystal system
  • Accessible text and chemical composition for each featured stone
  • Quick search functions by categories of stone
  • Favourites section
  • All data stored offline on your device. No Internet connection required

Rocks & Minerals

1063 accès
depuis le
Pour enfants'easyLearn Rocks & Minerals HD' is a fun & interactive app for kids to learn about Rocks & Minerals found on Earth. Lots of real-world pictures & simple facts along with quiz formats based on pictures & clues, give the kids a great visual understanding of the topic.
This App can be used as part of earth-science curriculum in upper elementary and middle school classrooms, in the homeschool environments, as supplemental learning at home & as reference material by teachers.

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